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Deal with It, but Don’t Forget to Feed the Continuous Improvement Engine!

This was originally published at Scrum Alliance on 4th September 2014. The complete article can be found here 

As the day goes by in a typical CSM class, I get a lot of "what if?" questions from students. Some of these questions go this way: "What if the product owner adds a new story or changes a story during the sprint?" or "What if a critical team member gets sick for several days during the sprint?"

A quick answer to these questions usually goes like this: "Deal with it." Then I add, "Make sure this is brought up in the retrospective meeting so you minimize the chances of similar problems interrupting the next sprints." Interestingly, toward the end of the class, when someone starts a question with "What if. . . ," someone else will chime in, "Deal with it." More

Manoj Vadakkan