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Agile Clinic

Agile Clinic at the Conference

Agile Clinic

Do You Scrum? Are you facing a challenge with your Scrum or Agile adoption? We can help. In our coaching practices, we have seen a few problems. Come see us to discuss. We have an Agile Clinic set up to help. Come see us at the “Do You Scrum?” table at 2019 Professional Development Days - Kansas City Mid America Chapter of PMI.

We will also enter your name to win a 50% discount (off the regular price) coupon for our upcoming Certified ScrumMaster®(CSM®) classes in Kansas or elsewhere. Please send us an email to if you plan to stop by.

Can’t wait until the conference? Or not coming to the conference? No problem. Send us a note to to schedule a phone conversation. We will be happy to help.

Many companies claim that they practice Scrum. Is Scrum imposed on your team? Do the team members and organization understand the values of Scrum? Or are they “driving” the team under the guise of Scrum with more meetings? You may be practicing the darker version of Scrum - The Dark Scrum. This version of Scrum may be dangerous to the well-being of the the team and and the company as a whole. If you are new to Scrum, it is an iterative, incremental framework for product development. If you practice real Scrum, you will have happier team members who have the goal of pleasing the customers by delivering products or services that the customer really wants.  

Certified ScrumMaster® Class

Let’s help you learn Scrum. Let's help you practice real Scrum. Join one of our Certified ScrumMaster®(CSM®) using a 10% discount with code “CSM10”. Our next class in Kansas is on Nov 14-15.

Our classes are listed at Register early to get the lowest price.

Want to bring our class to your organization? Schedule a private class at your office. Contact us for details.