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Prepare for your CSM Class

Thank you for deciding to join our CSM class

Manoj Vadakkan will be your instructor for the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) class coming up. I am excited about this class and I hope you are too!  

This is a highly interactive workshop where participants will learn not only from the workshop facilitator/instructor but also from discussions among the participants. Everyone is encouraged to participate in these facilitated activities, sharing their knowledge & experience with Scrum or other types of work. You may even be asked to teach a section or two! Unlike other classes, we will have only a few slides (if at all any)! 

Preparing for this class

Here are a few activities to help you prepare for this class. 
Review Scrum Guide and Agile Manifesto four values and twelve principles

Watch a series of videos at -

Take a pre-class assessment.  (Follow the URL below to take the assessment)

Articulate your learning goals for the two days. In other words, please think about what you would like to learn.


Certification process: 

At the end of the class or soon after, I will upload your names and email ids to the Scrum Alliance website. Scrum Alliance system will then send you an invitation to register and take the CSM test. The Scrum Alliance mandates that every candidate participate in the class for all of the two days. Please plan to participate in the class and refrain from emails and other activities. If you do not participate for the two days, I will not be able to upload your names for certification. 

More information about certification:

Our public classes can be found at

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