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Training: Certified ScrumMaster®:

Northern Star provides training/education and coaching services in the Agile space to help organizations and teams to strive for better business results. Our primary offering is Certified ScrumMaster®, the industry renowned CSM®  class. 

This two-day workshop helps the participants learn the fundamentals of Scrum practices and Agile principles.  This workshop is appropriate for anyone interested in learning about Scrum including your team (software developers, business analysts, UX engineers, etc), Project Managers, and other Management members. On successful completion of the course and a post-course online evaluation at Scrum Alliance, attendees will be registered as Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) with a two-year membership at the Scrum Alliance.

Unlike other training programs, Manoj Vadakkan conducts this training program as an experiential learning workshop where you will learn thru carefully designed activities, well-facilitated discussions, and some lecture. This is not your typical training where the instructor tells you everything from the podium using a power point presentation.

Agile/Scrum Coaching Services:

Our training program is designed to help teams to start the right way with a new set of principle and practices. Most organizations need coaching help in making the principles and practices they learned to make it their own in order to make it work in their current situation. We provide consulting and coaching services for teams and individuals. Our assessment program can help you articulate and visualize where your company/team is. We will help you find out the challenges you are facing today, help you come up with a strategy to tackle that challenge, and design experiments to tackle those challenges.

At the tactical level, we will provide help to kick off projects with a discovery session, help facilitate sessions such as Sprint Planning and Retrospectives. We will also coach and mentor your team members so they are self-sufficient in facilitating these sessions and sustaining the change we started.

Other Training Programs

In addition to our primary offering of Certified ScrumMaster® we also provide other training such as CSPO®, CSD®, and various other custom classes upon request.

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